The ‘M’ Word – Marketing Libraries Marketing tips and trends for libraries and non-profits Thursday, March 06, 2014 Great Posters, for Free

Do you sometimes see images online and wish you could print them out for your own library? It’s often hard to tell who created the images or what the copyright status is. 

Well, here are 2 great posters that promote librarians (note: not “libraries,” but the humans who make them work!). I’ve gotten permission from the source to share them with you.
The publisher Springer has some wonderful images, and its marketing department will send you the high-resolution PDFs, for free, so you can print as many posters as you like. If you want either of these, simply send an email to to request them. Put “2600 BC” or “Keep Calm” in the subject line of your email to request your PDFs. (And the low-res versions I used above make for great social media posts.)
Thanks to the marketing-savvy staff at Springer for helping librarians show their value! I hope that many of you will take advantage of this generous offer.
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