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10 Ways LinkedIn’s New ‘Contacts’ Can Help Job Hunters – OEDB.org

Ellyssa Kroski: January 24, 2014 LinkedIn used to be just another place to post your resume, but over the past couple of years it has evolved to be so much more. Most recently, LinkedIn rolled out enhanced functionality to its … Continue reading

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The User Is (Still) Not Broken There are disruptions everywhere—formats, distribution, and technology—but the one constant that gets forgotten is people By Bryan Kenney | Jan 27, 2014

Back in 2006, Karen Schneider, now university librarian at Oakland, Calif.’s Holy Names University, published “The User Is Not Broken: A Meme Masquerading as a Manifesto” on her blog, the Free Range Librarian. The post, as radical as it was … Continue reading

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6 Terms that Instantly Reveal You as a Librarian Ellyssa Kroski — January 29, 2014

Few professions are as steeped in tradition and esoteric knowledge as librarianship. We have our own dialect packed with specialized jargon that only others in our vocation would understand. To decipher all of this we even have our own dictionary! … Continue reading

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